Date: Mar 14 2012

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Show of hands… How many of you are REALLY living the style you want to live?

{One of my pins. Room by Katie Ridder}

I know I know, we all can’t afford to overhaul our homes and closets to match our pinterest boards and favorite blogs. But it is simple enough to paint a wall pink (rather than simply placing a pink tchotchke on a table), or be brave enough to throw some color up on a ceiling (rather than just pinning our hearts out about it), or we can wear more sequins (instead of just fancying up polyvore fashion board after fashion board… are you really wearing something that resembles your “Friday Fancies”??).

{Another one of my pins, albeit a stretch…}

Here’s to no longer hiding behind our pins. To living the life you want to live. Go do it, whatever it is. Hopefully it’s not the fear of what others will think that’s holding you back. Because guess what:

They just will… either way. So throw caution to the wind and do what you want to do!!
And get ready for a challenge … to be continued.

PS- I’m over at Sadie & Stella today sharing my favorite room in my home (ironically).


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27 Responses to “Are You A Poser?”

  1. xo J and V says:

    Too funny! Love this and it is much needed motivation! I need to get busy, just saw your stunning dining room and I’m motivated to get painting..the whole house! Watch out!

  2. Weezie says:

    Looking forward to this potential challenge. I’m definitely a poser who is trying to make my home and style more of what I want, so bring it on!

    (Also, I’m a total lurker – guess I’m out of the closet now!)

  3. Morgan says:

    I can honestly say yes to this for my new house! I’m doing exactly what I want with it and could care less what others things! It’s freeing!

  4. Nuha says:

    i adopted this mantra about a year ago…it didn’t feel good to lust after other peoples lifestyle’s I am so happy to be where I am and who I am. In all honesty, I’m happy to be me :-)


  5. Sarah Roads says:

    Good point, Some of my friends boards I’m shocked by, “Really, that’s what you like, I never would have known.”
    The good thing is, it’s giving people ideas and hopefully courage.

  6. This makes me want to paint all my furniture, move to Paris and wear only heels all the time (c: But I definitely think I’m getting better at realizing what I want my life to look like and moving confidently in that direction (c: Baby steps…

  7. Jessie says:

    True story. I am cooler on Pinterest than in real life. In the process of working on that. Your dining room is looking fab on S+S.

  8. Lily says:

    So true…love this. Heres to adding more sparkle in my life for real !!


  9. Kim Aull says:

    I know I sure plan to do more in my next home that isn’t so let’s say…. “safe” but as for now trying to do some things here and there to spruce things up around here and wow does it make a person feel good! It’s hard to have patience to do more, and hard with 3 youngster at home taking up a lot of my time…but wouldn’t trade that for the world so as of now just taking notes on ideas to keep me content! :)

  10. Kim Aull says:

    and love the bike! Seriously funny!

  11. Annie H. says:

    So funny, that unicorn bike picture is adorable. I think I am finally at 42 living exactly how I want to live. Better late than never.

  12. Amanda Hill says:

    Can I get an AMEN…xoxo!

  13. Great post! I’ll have to admit that I should get myself in gear and actually do the projects I have been dreaming about! This is my motivation! The unicorn image had me cracking up! :)

  14. That unicorn picture gets me everytime. Freaking hillarious and Haters will hate. Heres to hoping one day I can afford to make all my pins come true!

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Ha, just posted that under Matthew’s blogger account.
    I’ll repost as me :)

    Great post! I think I’m living the toned down version of my pinterest boards and polyvore sets. I get to have unlimited money and wardrobe changes without worry of making long-term and resourceful choices. I try to pin/polyvore things I’d really wear or imaginary outfits for a place I’d really go. If anything, it’s helping me to hone in on my style so I can feel confidant to push my limits further. As soon as I have some spare cash, I will be buying that sparkly top and wearing it to the playground! Trial run online first, of course!

  17. Love this post, Chassity!

  18. Bud and Leo says:

    Can’t wait for the challenge!! Kelli

  19. Good lord I love that unicorn shot:) I think I do what I want in my house- wish I had more money to do more but pretty much keeping it real in the decor department:) Great post lovely.

  20. 17 Perth says:

    Absolutely hilarious! I love it!

  21. So true! Big risks usually result in the biggest rewards :)

  22. Ali says:

    Something we all could hear, and so true.

  23. truly and honestly–seeing the Friday’s Fancies shout-out made my day. part of what is so therapeutic for me is that it allows me to create something I would definitely wear if funds weren’t an issue. I certainly am trying harder and stepping out of the box now because of those little weekly dreams. love the idea of a challenge! hope you’re having a great Friday, fellow Hoosier! much love! xoxo {av}

  24. Best. Post. Ever.

    Xx. Patience

    P.s. I wish my bike had a unicorn. Lucky!

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