Date: Feb 19 2020

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I just put through a big reorder on Glossier, which is literally one of my most favorite things to do. There are some sites that feel so addictive and satisfying, and Glossier is definitely one of those for me. Here are few of my latest beauty purchases, many of them are refills.

So what did I re-order from Glossier? A refill of boy brow (my favorite eyebrow filler – it’s full proof, also I like both the brown and the blonde shades), a refill of generation g lipstick (in zip! b/c it’s my most favorite, but I’ve yet to try a color I didn’t like), refills of the milky jelly face cleanser (in both the full and the mini sizes, I keep this cleanser in the shower and pack it on trips), and as seen in the photo above, the latest cloud paint shade in coral! This stuff is the bomb and is so creamy and build-able and easy to apply! I think it looks more natural than powder blush.

This is the new RMS living glow face & body powder and it gives a delicate shimmer, which is much needed on my winter skin! It’s light enough that it gives a nice and subtle glowy highlight.

Okay this antioxidant booster by True Botanicals does it all! It brightens, firms, calms and balances the skin. Pretty much everything you want, right? I feel so accomplished when I put this on, lol.

RMS’s uncover up cover up is my favorite concealer, hands down. It’s light and dewy and gives a healthy little glow, so I go through these jars with some regularity. I went with the “11” shade since my winter skin is a little lighter than usual right now. My usual shade is the “22”!

This radiance body oil is the most moisturizing oil I’ve ever used. And it’s more than just a moisturizer, it actually nourishes your skin with antioxidants and essential fatty acids, making your skin feel and look firmer. I put it on directly after I step out of the shower when my legs are still wet!

This pro tip liquid eye liner by Glossier is why I started wearing eye liner again. It’s a pen with a tiny brush tip that is so freaking easy to use and glides on smoothly, precisely, and densely pigmented. Trust.

Last but certainly not least – My friend Annika recommended these Tan-Luxe self-tanning drops and I tend to trust her judgment, so I ordered a bottle. What I love the most about it is that you mix 1-4 drops of this with your favorite serum (y’all probably know that I love this serum the best) or with your favorite face oil! So it’s super easy to blend evenly and build upon. Seriously, where had this been all of my life?!


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