Date: Jan 22 2011

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This weekend my search for new bedding continues.  You may remember that I posted about this a while ago, and yes I’m still looking.  I’ve seen plenty of things I like a lot, but so far nothing that is perfect. 
Like this…

Anyone know where I can find this look without spending an arm and a leg and not sacrificing quality?


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23 Responses to “Bedding Lust And Weekend Bluntcard Fun”

  1. Hamptontoes says:

    That blunt card is too funny!

  2. Morgan says:

    Love that look! Hope you can find!
    And you look beautiful in the new pic to the right!

  3. have you looked at west elm? they may have a few pieces that work. good luck and have a great weekend!

  4. I have and i’m liking their collection. Anyone know if it feels luxurious? We don’t have one in Charleston…

  5. Ha! Love the new picture of you..x

  6. Lovin That! says:

    Have you tried Homegoods!? I got some grey and white trellis bedding from them recently and really like it. Love your new pic too!

  7. Can we stop and talk about how gor-geous your photos is? Lovely lady. Have a great weekend. Did you wear the sequin skirt? I am on the look out for J-Lo’s amazing skirt.

  8. Have you tried Anthropologie? Love your gorgeous new photo!

  9. Natalie says:

    Gorgeous, if you find it let me know! You know there is a West Elm in Charlotte if you ever go there for a shopping trip you could stop in! I am headed there next week, I will check out the fabric and report back:) Agreed with everyone else, love the new picture! Hope you wore the sequin skirt.

  10. Nuha Sofiyan says:

    I usually find what I want , after I’ve already bought something else :( Try Marshalls, Z Gallerie, or maybe even big department stores like Macys or Dillards. Goodluck! And I agree your picture is gorgeous :)

  11. Aubrey says:

    Still totally laughing my behind off about that blunt card…just what the doctor ordered! (c: Yeah, if you find the look for less without sacrificing the quality…let me know, cuz I think I have yet to find that winning combo! I always end up buying things piece by piece of what I really want or not getting what I really want, but all at once. Does that happen to you??? Looks lovely, though, good luck on the search!!!

    P.S. *LOVE* new fab picture, you hottie, you! (c:

  12. Simply LKJ says:

    Okay, first thing I noticed was your new profile picture! Gorgeous!! I know West Elm carries some really nice bedding, but haven’t been in awhile. However, I plan to make a trip down to IKEA soon and West Elm is there too…I’ll let ya know! I am still envious you live in my fav town of all time!!!

  13. Blunt card is hilarious, your new picture is beyond gorgeous and I adore that bedroom. Sadly, I’m of absolutely no help in the bedding dept. and I need some too-desperately!

  14. Sara Mueller says:

    Good luck finding the perfect bedding! Loving your new photo!

  15. caycee says:

    Hey girly! You are looking so very beautiful in your new picture! I have the West Elm bedding on my guest bed and love it!!!! The quality is great, just get a good insert if you do a duvet!!

    XOXO Caycee

  16. katie carlin says:

    the blunt card is so funny! I love West Elm!

    please check out my blog!!

  17. Michaela says:

    Oh my gosh! This is so funny! And holy cow, girl, you look stunning in your new picture!!! (:

  18. Amanda says:

    Just got back in town and saw your NEW profile pic….STUNNING! Missed ya all week :)

  19. Amy R. says:

    The blunt card is classic! Love it!!

    Amy R.

  20. This bedroom is beautiful!!!

  21. I’m with everyone, gorgeous new photo!! Good luck with the bedding hunt, I’d try Home Goods.

    Hope your weekend was lovely!

  22. if you are still in the market, check out

    amazing 100% linen bedding. made in the usa. really affordable for linen. great colors too. we have the white duvet and absolutely love it. i really want to get a set of sheets. can you imagine sleeping on linen sheets? ahhhh…..

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