I’m loving that I’m meeting some of your pretty faces under the tents at CFW!  Hoping to see some more of you tonight.  But how about a recap of last night’s festivities, shall we?

One of my favorite parts is snapping photos of outfits that I likey!

{Yes HE was back and looking spiffy once again.  Such detail, and you know how I love a bowtie…}
And with a couple of my girl friends from The Art Institute of Charleston who is sponsoring Charleston Fashion Week.
And one of my favorite street styles of the night.  
{Photography by Diana Deaver}
And onto the runway… Admittedly, a night highlight for me was when one of the models’ dress fell down exosing her lady lump and she cruised down the entire runway perfectly poised.  No, I am not including a photo of this.  I will share that Emerging Designer Cody Sai Adler won BOTH People’s Choice Award and Wednesday night’s Emerging Designer contest.  Congrats, Cody.  Your show was gorgeous.
{Photography by Ed/Fashion Wire Press}
And I adored the featured designer, Lindsey Carter’s, Troubadour collection.  It was a perfect ending to the night.
{Photography by Ed/Fashion Wire Press}
{Photography by Cyle Suesz}
Pretty sure we’ll be seeing more of Troubadour here on the blog.
I’ll be back tomorrow with a recap of tonight’s event!


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20 Responses to “Charleston Fashion Week Wednesday Night Recap”

  1. Lily says:

    SO many cute outfits…I love your dress!!


  2. Love seeing everyone’s adorable outfits, including yours!! Looks like so much fun.

  3. It looks like you are having such a great time! The pictures are amazing and please keep us updated with all the fun in the 2nd half of the week!

  4. Casa Bella says:

    This post is so full of stylish people. Eye candy, really. How fun!

  5. Julip Made says:

    Keep the pictures coming! Love everyone’s outfits and your shoes are fabulous!
    ~ Julie

  6. So fun!!! I love all of the amazing outfits! Such style in Charleston – love it! :)

  7. Troubadour was a definite highlight. She’s my favorite local designer! Hope to meet you at the tents this week.

  8. lizziefitz says:

    You sure do get around, and always look fabulous doing it!

  9. Morgan says:

    Loving it all` Love the first three girls you posted – they’re perfectly sweet!

  10. So much pretty- you looked as gorgeous as always!

  11. Now I know why I’ve never attended CFW, I’m not nearly fashionable enough! I love seeing all the great outfits, including yours, keep it coming!

  12. Anonymous says:

    While being all smiley and chummy, two of those first three chicks secretly hate each other for bringing the same bag.

    – the husband

  13. so cool! I never knew Charleston was such a fashion hot spot.

  14. modern jane says:

    Beautiful! And you looked so great!

  15. SHERRY HART says:

    Well….learning something new! I did not know there was a Charleston Fashion Week…but why not! Looks like SO much fun!

  16. What fun! You looked amazing, Chassity!

  17. 17 Perth says:

    Wow. Where do I start. Okay, with everything. Love all of the outfits. I love that backless dress at the top and the legwarmers on the runway! Yall all look so beautiful–and looks like you are having a blast. : )

  18. Okay, I *love* Mr. Dapper Bowtie!!! I think you need pics of him at every event (c; But on to *you*…LOVE that dress!!! I’m thinkin’ this is loved above the red number…and I really hope that the anon comment above is really your hubbs because that would be awesome. (c:

  19. Love all those outfits…and your shoe collection is out of control. I mean, my shoe collection!

  20. Aw! Love seeing these great pics! My mom and I went to CFW 2 years ago and loved it! My friend (Megan Casey) worked for CFW & talked us into coming…saying it was going to be fab! It was!

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