Date: Nov 25 2013

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I’ve written about my undergarment struggles plenty because I know it’s a common problem for many. So I have to share my new bra and underwear obsessions with you. And let me just say that I love them more than any that have come before them!! More so, I’m thrilled to say that they’re from Victoria’s Secret, who has redeemed themselves in my eyes (I haven’t always had a lot of luck there).




So there are two important factors for me when choosing a bra: they need to be supportive and slimming. And I’ve found the most amazing bra – the Unlined Lace Demi Bra. This bra is the bomb. Period. It’s unlined lace, therefore there is no added padding to make me look bigger than I am. The underwire helps support me without pushing me up unnaturally. But it’s really the strong lace that is key because it keeps it’s shape. I swear you will love it. It’s just simple and pretty goodness.


Next… my new underwear obsession. News flash, I hate thongs. I’m a full back sister kind of gal (fist pumps Amber). But I also hate underwear lines – there is nothing good about them. I think I’ve tried a million different pairs of seamless underwear and have always been let down big time. Until recently… my underwear drawer is now stocked full of the Flawless Hiphugger Panty . I am willing to guarantee (please note that my guarantee means absolutely nothing) that these undies will be invisible under every single item of clothing in your closet. They are magic. MAGIC. Order twenty.


There you are.


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3 Responses to “Fashion Fix: My Favorite Undergarments”

  1. autumn says:

    Ok, they don’t show lines, but do the cover and stay down!! I hate panties that ride up – sooooo uncomfortable! Thanks for the tips!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Chassity says:

    They do cover and stay pretty well. They don’t stay as well as big ol granny panties, but for the sheer fact that they work magic for no lines when I need them I love them!! Hope that helps.

  3. Hahaha full back! I’m exactly the same!! Just got some panties too from VS that were supposed to be no-show, but they really aren’t arggghh…ok I’m going to give these a try!!

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