Date: Oct 19 2015

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A little of my life lately… :)


Last Thursday Gray and I went to the Diner en Blanc event downtown. It was a pop up white party – everyone wore all white and brought picnics with white tables and white chairs. The end result was pretty amazing and it was so much fun. We danced all night!




I wore a white shirtdress (only $84!), a Twine & Twig necklace, Charleston rice beads on my wrist, and my white Everlane street shoes. Gray wore a dress pretty identical to this one and it’s only $27.


IMG_2268 IMG_2306


In other news, we’ve been spending as much time outside as possible now that I’m not melting from humidity. The kids are big fans of going to Vintage so they can play on this cool truck slide.




But we don’t discriminate.




Had dinner with my friends Molly and Olivia at Chez Nous, one of my favorite spots here in Charleston. The menu offers 6 total options and changes daily. Everything is amazing and I recommend ordering as much as possible.




In other Charleston happenings, Furbish has popped up in Moon & Lola’s King St location! It’ll be there till the end of December – so fun!! I wore my favorite off the shoulder top and Phillip Lim sandals.




Some of my favorite picks from the night include all the rugs, their finds from their recent travels, and this new jewelry collab collectionespecially this necklace.




Sally King Benedict’s art show at George Gallery was a total success – this painting was my favorite. You can’t really tell from the picturing but it’s HUGE!




Lilly acting all cute under some halloween decorations on King. Her dress is from Pink Chicken and she’s holding her new Jellycat Bunny that she swindled me into buying ten minutes before.




Stopped in Hot Little Biscuit this past Friday for their fried chicken biscuit. Have we discussed that fried chicken is my favorite food? It really is.






Lots of pumpkin patching going on over here lately. This one below is from Lilly’s school field trip!




Yesterday we went back to the Boone Hall Pumpkin Patch as a family. The kids love all the slides and things, as well as the hay ride and cornfield maze. Y’all might be glad to know that Fletcher’s chocolate milkshake spilled all over my Free People sweater during lunch at Jacks Cosmic Dogs – but it all came out. No stain whatsoever. I mean, sweater season has only begun, ha! That sweater is also available here.




Sadly, pumpkins is most all we’ve done as far as Halloween decorating this year. I couldn’t find my bats that I usually put up on our front door. We have some big fake spiders in the kids’ rooms though :)




Our banana plants are growing.




I’m sure y’all are aware that it’s breast cancer awareness month. This plaid wrap benefits the National Breast Cancer Foundation! I throw it on a lot b/c it’s so easy and soft, especially in the morning when we’re getting ready for school (Fletch calls me a super hero b/c I’m in a “super-cape”). Also wearing nude lace up flats.




We went out with friends Friday night and I wore my blooming sequin cuff, grey Alexander Wang pumps, this off the shoulder blouse, and my cylinder bag!




Happy Monday, Friends!


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