Date: Feb 1 2011

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It’s a big day here at LLL.  I’m so so pleased to welcome one of my first sponsors, Jylare Ann Photography.  There’s a good chance that you’ve seen her work before, it’s everywhere!!  Because it’s really good.

How dreamy is that image?  Sort of makes spring and fall weddings seem duller than dull (and I’m a fall kind of girl!).   Oh wait.  Nevermind, these pictures are pretty darn amazing too.

Jylare focuses on lifestyle (you know, engagement, family…) and wedding photography.  She uses natural light to capture those sweet and candid moments that we all wish to save and have forever.  Like these.
And even I would consider getting maternity photos if they look this good.

Newborn photography?  Check.
{Just look at that sweet baby all snuggled up showing off his new room.  So sweet.}
And when it’s time to update that family photo, Jylare’s your girl.
It doesn’t hurt a thing that that family is gorgeous.  But that photo is awesome.  And photographing well on a beach is a real talent.  Seriously.  I know these sort of things ;)
Did I mention that Jylare is an absolute gem?!  Sweet, happy, fun loving girl.  Need proof?  Check her out on the Ellen show last week!
Girl ROCKED that Sorry Spin game and WON. 
Okay so you know that Jylare is a ridiculous photographer, adorable, and fun.  You’re probably wondering where she’s located, Orange County, CA.  But don’t worry, she travels too!  And I’m so stinking excited because we’re heading to San Diego this summer and will be meeting up with her one day to take some family photos.  Yay!
Again, welcome to LLL, Jylare!!  And dear readers, if you’re looking for an awesome and affordable photographer, be sure to check her out!  


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22 Responses to “Sponsor Welcome- Jylare Ann Photography”

  1. 17 Perth says:

    Her work is gorgeous! All are beautiful….but that photo of the newborn is adorable. Wish we lived closer to her–would use her for sure!

  2. Congrats on this new amazing sponsor! Her work is truly incredible & she is ridiculously talented but I think I’m more excited that she was on Ellen & got to play one of her crazy games :)

  3. Natalie says:

    Yeah for your sponser!! Gorgeous pictures. Normally I am not a fan of pregnancy photo shoots but those are amazing. Loving the newborn pics too!

  4. That first wedding phot is amazing! Gorgeous pictures!! Congrats Xoxo.

  5. Gorgeous photos! Those are all really fantastic! That newborn is giving me baby fever and I am not ready for another baby in this house, yet. Ha!

    …and how fun to be on the Ellen show! :)

  6. Amanda says:

    I love the top one with the Temple and snow….so special!

  7. Morgan says:

    Beautiful work! I can’t stop looking at that sweet little newborn…

  8. I LOVE Jylare!!! So talented and altogether adorable. Did I hear San Diego?!! Better give a call.

  9. Nuha says:

    I am in love with the winter wedding photo!! How gorgeous!

  10. i do love her photography, i sure wish she was in utah!

  11. Fabulous new sponsor Chassity- what a talented photographer…the photos are all stunning!

  12. Mechi says:

    beautiful post and pictures!!!!

  13. Gorgeous!! Love that first wedding picture…dreamy is definitely the word to describe it!

  14. tickled. says:

    Her photos are TO DIE FOR! Wow! I think I looked at all of them about 5 times! ha! The first wedding photo is unbelievable! I couldn’t take my eyes off it!

    So awesome that you & your fam will get to meet her! Congrats on the new sponsor! :)


  15. caycee says:

    I am jealous you know all these amazing photographers girl! Her work is beautiful, as will your little family shoot will be with her!

  16. Beautiful photos! She’s awesome.

  17. I’m so excited for you!! Jylare’s work is fantastic!!! She truly is talented.

  18. Great new sponsor! I’ve been a big fan of her photography- can’t wait to see your family pictures…

  19. These are so great! I love how each set has a unique look and makes you appreciate the details. I’ll be sure to keep her in mind if I get the fam together on the West Coast!

  20. Michaela says:

    Her photos are literally amazing! I love the lighting she uses! And hellooo to San Diego. I will come down! You, Court and I should get coffee! (:

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