Date: Feb 14 2013

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When Lilly ran to the playroom this morning she found a new dolly. I’ve been lusting over the Jess Brown dolls since Lilly was in my belly and I finally broke down and got her one. They are the most precious things ever and I fully admit to buying it for myself just as much as I bought it for her.
Poor Fletch is totally getting the shaft on yet another holiday. I mean he has something, but I guess I just feel like he’s so young that he won’t really know the difference. That’ll change soon. The boy started walking this past week. 
If I thought that Fletcher would really love it I’d get him (me) this Charlie Super Cat doll. What a little stud.
Alright, enough of the dolls. Onto the shoes. 
So we all know that the D’Orsay flat is THE shoe of the year. If you’re gonna buy a flat let it be this style. Jenni Kayne’s colorful D’Orsay collection is obviously the designer of choice. Obviously.
Buuuuut these by Chinese Laundry look pretty damn good too and are just $59 (+ 20% off the whole piperlime site today with the code “xoxo”). 
Happy Valentine’s Day :) Spoil yourselves today. And for the love of God, somebody please have bigger guts than me and surprise your husband (or your boss or your friends) with some new pink hair.
And don’t forget to send us pictures!


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17 Responses to “A Valentine Dare”

  1. What a beautiful doll. I’m sure your daughter will treasure it her whole life! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. Brittany says:

    That doll is adorable! And the super cat – I’m dying of cuteness!!! If I had blonde hair, I would totally try out some pinkness. Sadly, brunette doesn’t suit the pink nearly as well (I think). Happy Valentine’s Day Chassity!! xo

  3. That first set up in your play room might be the sweetest thing I’ve seen in a while. Totally iconic picture you need to print and frame this for Lil’s room :)

  4. No doubt our fashion minds are aligned today ;) Happy Valentine’s!

  5. No doubt our fashion minds are aligned today ;) Happy Valentine’s!

  6. Love the simplicity going on in your playroom. Those dolls are the most adorable things I have seen! And the shoes….the shoes are on my list! Happy day to you!

  7. Happy Valentine’s Day lovely and you sound just like me…I have a weird obsession with hand made dolls as of late- just bought Scarlett one very similar to the JB one Lilly just got- love!!! And you know I’d SO go for that hair if I could- oh to be 25 again!!!

  8. travelkate says:

    Happy Valentina’s day! That doll is so adorable…I love them and could totally see myself buying one for me ahem my daughter when she is a little older and will appreciate it a little more! So hard to resist sometimes with all the cute girl stuff out there!

  9. Leslie says:

    LOL! I think I’ll try some pink hair. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  10. The Now says:

    That first pic is adorable. And I am a Jenni Kayne lover…especially the d’orsay’s. Matt got me a pair for my bday and they are so cool!!!!! Hopefully the next pair will be a fun color! Happy Valentine’s Day, love. xo

  11. 17 Perth says:

    Hahahaha. That pink hair is awesome–why didn’t I think of that earlier today. ;) The doll is pretty awesome—but can we talk about that rug!? Shesh…I love it.

  12. Maybe I’ll just do a couple sneaky pink streaks…gah, I wish I could pull off the pink hair! And I’m positive that my little would never actually see that doll because I would get it and keep it for myself, they are just too darling!!! Happy love day, love!

  13. Wow– I love Jess Brown. Here is my post about her and here is my post about pink hair too;)

  14. Love the doll! What a lucky girl! Happy Valentine’s Day!!! xo, C

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  16. Love these little dolls, so very sweet and original. I want to see them in a book! Love the green rug, wonder the source? Just found you and am spending far too much time here today!

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