Date: Jan 31 2013

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I’m not saying that I’m against a bouquet of flowers – I think any bloom is wonderful (alright, I’m not so much a fan of sunflowers). But I do think it’s refreshing to consider something more… lasting.

A Lulie Wallace painting. Number one floral on my list for real.

Or how ’bout a floral tank. It just makes sense. To me, at least.
Maybe some flowery earrings? No time like the present to hop on the iridescent trend.
Orrrr maybe some sweet mugs.
Perhaps going bigger and getting some pink and red for your home… Love this rug (or wallhanging) oh so much.
Regardless, this card should most definitely be considered.


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15 Responses to “Be Mine”

  1. Ha! That card! Still giggling! Don’t mean to be a nosy pest, but would you mind divulging what size you have in the “blog a lot” t-shirt? I’m not sure how they run and hate to return on-line purchases. Thanks a bouquet!

  2. Julie says:

    I am itching for one of Lulie’s pieces in my home!

  3. That card is hilarious! Can’t stop laughing!

  4. Sarah says:

    Was SO not expecting that card at the end! it! Happy Valentine’s Day indeed!

  5. The Now says:

    That floral print tank is beautiful. And that card just made me laugh!! xoox

  6. 17 Perth says:

    That card is hilarious! hahaha. The mugs are sweet! Just emailed a link to my husband. Ha! And those watercolors? Love!

  7. The hubs gave me a lulie for Christmas, I cant wait til its in my hands! I agree the best kind of bouquet!

  8. My husband just gave me a card this morning that included the word “slut” so clearly we are on the same page as far as sense of humor :)

  9. Love Lulie’s works, I am definitely keeping them bookmarked for when I design my office!
    -Brittany [www,]

  10. Ha! That card is hilarious. And I love those earrings, perfect touch of bling!

  11. That card is hilarious. Might just need to surprise matt with that for Valentines, of course then he’ll probably expect me to do what the stick figures are doing…..

  12. I just can’t even talk about how cute those mugs are when there is a card like that smacking me in the face. So freaking hilarious. Would get for Matt for Vday but then I’d have to guarantee follow through. Don’t think an IOU wink wink works with that card :)

  13. LOL that card! I’m speechless. Love it.

  14. Julie Ann says:

    Thank you so much for featuring my card!! :]

    xo JA

  15. Little Fish says:

    Just ordered a Lulie Wallace print. LOVE her work! That card is freaking hilarous and those mugs…I may need those too!

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