Date: Mar 8 2013

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So happy for Marysia Swim landing the cover of Conde Nast Traveler this month. Rock on.

That Cay Scallop Bikini is just so rad. I felt inspired…

I’m really loving those TKEES flip flops. They come in a million different colors. And a sequined sun hat? Freaking awesome. But what I’m really flipping out over are these Ombre Hair Chalks. I mean, why has it taken so long to come up with this? Why dye your freaking hair pink when you can just do these for $14?? 
Those colors are gorgeous. I hope you all have a most most amazing weekend!! Somehow, we’ve escaped with no plans. So the plan is to take it easy and maybe get some things done around the house. Hmm, sounds kind of boring.


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16 Responses to “Cover Story”

  1. PICTURES MA’AM!!! I need to see you with some pink ombre hair asap! I think this would be so cute for kids too. Wells and Lily would rock the ombre.

    And that scallop bikini is just so damn pretty. I wonder if the edge would detract from my not so firm tummy.

  2. Wow that hair chalk IS amazing and a great bikini!

  3. Hair chalk??!! I’m dying. I love it. What color…hmmmm…

  4. 17 Perth says:

    Love that scallop bikini! Not sure about the hair chalk!?
    Can we talk about the fedora? Is that what’s her name from real housewives of miami? (Haha–can’t remember her name!)

  5. Morgan S. says:

    I tried hair chalk the other week! So fun!

  6. Brighton says:

    I’ll take that scalloped swim suit please!! thank you :) SO stinkin cute.

  7. I love the idea of hair chalk! Great find.

  8. The Now says:

    Oh that’s so exciting. I am still dying for one of her suits…I think I should just buy one already!! And hair chalk?? I may have to try that oh wait…I’m a brunette and it probably won’t show up!! Daang it! xoox

  9. Lindsay says:

    OMG hair chalk! yes, now. Would be so cute to see picture of this on you!
    Love the blog!


  10. Love those hair chalks, must try them!

  11. I want that bikini just can’t decide between it and the strapless version. Please buy and use that chalk and report back.

  12. I love the hair chalk, I haven’t seen that before.

  13. I love the ombre chalk idea! genious. And a weekend getting home stuff is not boring to me at all! It seems like I always have stuff to cross off my list, and I always think it will get done over the weekend. Hopefully, I can get myself in gear soon too!

  14. Amazing cover. I am in love with the bikini and also very frightened that my six year old told me about the hair chalk before I had ever heard of it. She keeps begging me to get it for her. Ha.

  15. Warning…your hair stays pink if you have colored hair. I have had a faint pink stripe since Santa put hair chalk in my daughters stocking. It did not show up well on her red hair so we tested the hot pink on me. Looks fab but as lasting:) See you soon!

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