Date: Oct 30 2012

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So I sent Josh and Lilly to Target last night for a few things. Considering that I ended up staying home making a bacon and mayonnaise sandwich and consequently eating a bunch of Halloween candy that Josh brought home, it wasn’t my best decision. But the real regret is that I’m now seeing that Target just launched this gorgeous Boho Boutique. I’m loving this inexpensive collection, and it’s huge!

I especially love the pillows, drapes, and shower curtains. What do you think?
I take it all back. Apparently the Boho Boutique is only available online. How could I ever regret a bacon sandwich? Well alright, I guess there are reasons…

On a much more important note, I hope all of my Hurricane Sandy friends (and family/friends of y’all) are safe and sound. I read on twitter that the NYU Hospital staff had to evacuate everyone and did so smoothly. Major props to the NICU nurses who took babies down 9 flights of dark stairs. Incredible. If I could I’d come bring you all bacon sandwiches too.


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12 Responses to “Boho Boutique”

  1. I love the new Boho collection! It’s so dangerous though. I couldn’t get out of Target under $100 before…. This could get ugly!

  2. I like this post. Especially the bacon “sandy” part :)

  3. Ohh I love it all. And seriously, I can’t believe you almost regretted a bacon sandwich, never.

  4. I just love Target. They have some of the best finds, at a great price. Love this collection.


  5. jen poole says:

    I love this new Target line! I especially love the pillows and shower curtains as well.

    And those nurses at NYU definitely deserve major props. It must have taken a lot of hard work to move all of the patients safely!

    Happy Tuesday.

  6. Pretty darn cute. And better thats it’s online because I hate shopping inside that store.

    Bacon sandwiches sound pretty good right about now!

  7. So cute. I love the shower curtain. Heart breaking for all those enduring Sandy and yes, major props to the hospital! Wow.

  8. Bacon sandwiches all around!!! That makes me teary eyed just thinking about that, bravo to the peeps going above and beyond…like the target peeps with that fabulous shower curtain. I need that. Yesterday.

  9. Love those beds! I could just climb right in!

  10. Maria Morley says:

    Wow, what a beautiful boutique collection! Just gives me another reason why I love Target so much — I could spend hours there. But…that always gets me into trouble. ;-)

  11. I love that you ate a bacon sandwich for dinner. How do you stay so darn skinny eating like that?? Cute stuff at Tarjay that place never disappoints and that is amazing about the NYC hospital.

  12. Allison says:

    Isn’t that amazing about the NY hospital! My prayers go out to all those affected. Now I want a bacon sandwich for dinner….

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