Date: Jun 12 2012

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I had the pleasure of working with some talented ladies recently, and I wanna tell you all about them.

First up, Jess from Jess LC. She asked me (along with some other cool bloggers – they’re cool – not me) to help her out with her lookbook for her new tote collection. Josh snapped a few pictures outside of our house of my new kenzie fishy tote. So fun, Lilly has already claimed it as her own (I figured this would happen when I chose it).

As awkward as I look (and felt) taking these pictures, I do think that the bag looks great (and especially cute with my new Proud Mary scarf). Thanks for including me in your lookbook, Jess!


Next up, Anne Marie Cale wanted to design a dress for me. I was so game. We chose white because I had a white party coming up (that I sadly didn’t make it too). But now I have a cute white dress that I can wear this summer. The illustration…

And the dress…
Thanks so much Anne Marie!


Lastly, I just read this post about embracing the “Anti Bikini Season”. I really wish you all would go read this, takes maybe 2 minutes, and then remember it all summer. I promise I will.


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23 Responses to “Recent Happenings”

  1. 17 Perth says:

    Oh my gosh–that article is amazing! And true….love it.

    Also–I think I need that scarf. ;)

  2. You are adorable in this post! So cool! Love that scarf! xoxox

  3. Deanna Pai says:

    I don’t know which I love more, your hot pink sandals or the tote. The photos look great!

  4. These are some really fabulous happenings lady. And awkward? I think not.

  5. Morgan says:

    I saw the Anti Bikini article last night – loved!

  6. that’s the darned cutest dress I think I’ve ever seen

  7. Gray Benko says:

    You look so cute in these pics! Love the bag..and the dress! I love the article too…definitely something I needed to be reminded of right now.

  8. Nikki says:

    What a cute dress!! And you look adorable in your pictures! How fun!

  9. lizziefitz says:

    Love the bag , your hair , your scarf and Lily’s feet;))))

  10. You’re adorable…love the bag, love the dress, love the article!!

  11. Love that tote bag – you look so happy and pretty!

  12. What a cute tote – you look fabulous in the pictures :) How fun to have a dress made for you and named after you too!!

  13. Lily says:

    You look fabulous and Lilly’s feet are way to cute !!!


  14. That is such a fun bag and one of my fave sayings :). I enjoyed the Anti-Bikini post too – great message. xoxo

  15. The Now says:

    Love the tote, your outfit is super cute and that dress!?!? Amazing!!!!! So cool! xoxoox

  16. Come on, you know you’re cool and you don’t look awkward at all ;)
    Can’t get to read the article, forbidden in my location…I guess is not Lost material!

  17. Come on, you know you’re cool and you don’t look awkward at all ;)
    Can’t get to read the article, forbidden in my location…I guess is not Lost material!

  18. Kim Aull says:

    The tote is adorable, scarf is cute as well, and the pic with your feet and then Lillys in the background….how sweet!

  19. Gorgeous girl! You must model the dress for us.

  20. You look adorable! The totes are so cute! My son is obsessed with Finding Nemo right now so the saying on the tote made me smile:)

  21. just read the Anti Bikini article! So good!!

  22. Jess LC says:

    Thank you so much for participating and doing such a wonderful job showing off the tote!

    I’m also DYING over your herringbone master bath tile. I’m pinning that for some point in the future when I might be able to try something similar myself! ; )

  23. I love that tote! And it looks great with your outfit, which is fabulous and so fun :-)

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